syndii™ is an easy-to-use

connected device that can

protect your home from costly

damage that may result from

power outages, water leaks,

and temperature extremes.

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Easy to install, no tools required

Plug in


syndii™ instantly begins monitoring your home for power outages and temperature changes.



Place your syndii™ wireless sensors in the areas that you want to protect.

Register online


Choose the alerts you want to receive and where you want to receive them.

Stay Alert

Notifications sent to your cell phone or email address

  • Receive a text if there is a water leak, power outage, or an unexpected temperature change.
  • Notify different people for different problems: your neighbour, landlord, a plumber or a friend.
  • Easily add sensors throughout your home.

Example of real-time SMS alerts.

Stay In Touch

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  • let you know when syndii™ is available for purchase.
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